Author : Abdul Basir Sohaib Siddiqi
Date : 03.05.2013
The political Situation in Afghanistan shows lack of the thought in order to create moral conditions for individual in the society who would like to fulfill legal live in the society. These conditions depend on free living and free thinking as bases for regulation of Sovereign civil law in society.
Peace is the main right and desire of the civilized, ethical and religious society in the world and we can know and trace legal and lawful boundaries of peace related to living in society and we can connect ourselves in context of national, regional and international relationship with human painfulness, the painfulness that is the major cause for human crying all over the world, it means that we must respect humanity and this respect makes us able to reject all tyrannical regimes all over the world.
There is clear evidence that peace is the most famous concept of moral and right concepts on the base of justice or peace is originated from justice also peace obtains its power from justice or justice makes peace stranger and powerful, peace definite the concepts of individual, social and political existences in the relations of right and law as well that shows in two attitudes towards human live (affirmation and negation) it’s beautiful and agreeable face in society.
Living in peace is not as a gift from others, but it is the inalienable right of the human in society in the aspects of individual and social lives, it means that all mankind have to live in peace and in security.
in Afghanistan is the fire of the long lasting war till now very high and distinguishable, every day it takes lives of innocent and unassuming peoples.
as the result of war fires, the life of human being has been become toxic and poisonous; these toxic and poisonous situations lead our society to a dark future, or these unfriendly situations have interrupted frequently respirations of human beings in our society, in these situations, the peoples of our society have no sleep at night in a secure milieu to continue their life in the day times as well.
This sleeplessness is traceable from tired, exhausted and painful eyes, unhappy faces of children, women and men.
Murder, destruction, homelessness large number of disabled, extreme poverty, active and extensive drug market by drug mafia activities , the destruction of the economy of our country by the hand of political brokers, who concentrate on their benefits in the political business markets and they have come to anchor in such markets, which these above mentioned cases are the direct result and outcome of current and destructive war in Afghanistan, that  write and explain and illustrate the sorrowful stories and indigent, miserable and wretched figures of our unassuming nation in the history of mankind.
The effects of these sorrowful stories and wretched figures are traceable from tearful eyes of orphan children, disturbed faces of women that are stopped, brought and forced to live in the realms  of smokes, explosions, fire and suicide bombers by some restrictions of them in their lives, and they have lost their men and financial sources in flames of war and they continue to live with hundreds physical and mental suffering, these sorrowful stories and indigent and wretched figures are traceable from deep sorrow of elderly, who have lost their family members in flames of current war( in explosion, suicide bombs) and carry bloody dead bodies of their family members with trembling hands in the burial ceremony and they go back to their homes with impaired and damaged mentalities, wonder glance and painful hearts.
The above mentioned cases mean that the sounds of explosions, suicide attacks and bombings are mixed with the sounds of deep grieves and jelling of women, men and unassuming children.
These sounds of deep grieves and high lamentations are risen towards sky and are reflected again miserably and painfulness   in the course of crash in to high mountains that these miserableness and painfulness go in the heart of bloody history and there are become calm in their places in the bloody history of mankind, they would be alive in the memory of the bloody history as well and they would be waiting for justice of a righteous judge in future to read again.
During justice of righteous judge, they will express the bloody history of our country, they will explain about bloodsheds and massacres how they were occurred.
If righteous judge come or does not come, they would be waiting surly continuous for the resurrection, the day of justice, the day that all good deeds and evil deeds are the subject of Allah’s justice which come in the front of Allah’s justice and according to every one deeds, take the resurrection justice place.
If we achieve deep studies and analysis of the situations of our society, we reach to grasp exactly noticeable and conspicuous points that illustrate the path of self-destruction of our society as dynamics as well.
These points are the causes of false reasons of current war that armed opposition have concentrated on these false reasons to distribute the flames of war in the whole society in the name of Islam. These false reasons have their roots in false interpretations of Islam and these false reasons are the bases of play room for political and religious brokers to play bloody play in the name of holy Islam who try to fall people in to illusion and errors.
In above mentioned political and religious brokers as false interpreters of holy Islam have the main goal that people should believe widely in false reasons of current war.
We can mention these noticeable and important points as follows:
1) Our society is without central thought in all political aspects and without exchange of ideas in religious aspects to unify different segments and parts of society.
It means that a unifying political thought, despite acceptance of different directions of political thought, has not been seen remarkable in political achievement to save the unification and normality of the whole society.
In theory, powerful political thoughts have been seen, but they have not abilities of resistance in practice to save national benefits in the unification form of society.
On the bases of above reasons is clear that the political thoughts of our society have strong lean towards religious sects and tribes to obtain supports.
It means that, the importance of languages, sects of religions, and ethnicity make alternatively the main stream of political thought in our society and reasonable interests of the nation were brought on the altar of cruel desires and intentions, as well as more risky, centrality of religious understanding has been lost, because false interpretations and false thinking of religion are noticeable and these false interpretations and false thinking of religion have damaged the unity of the nation in connection with politics.
For example, it has been seen that these inconsistent and scattered religious thoughts have affected our society badly as follows:
A} the armed opposition justifies current war against Afghan rulers   on the base of false interpretations of religion and scattered thoughts of religion.
B} while the religious scholars who believe in legitimacy of Afghan state have been failed to take active steps towards a definitive verdict against current war in Afghanistan or these scholars have been failed to publicize the verdict against war, it appears as though religious scholars who believe in legitimacy of the state of Afghanistan, were not active to stand against conspiracies of false interpreters of holy Islam.
2) There is lack of control factors as effective in the society and this is significant and obvious.
We know that effective control factors have been originated from justice , this is also clear that the lack of effective control factors is the main cause of more problem in our society and our society is overwhelmed with the absence of effective control factors and as inevitable result, our society is suffering from lack of justice.
3) Different social groups, social classes, political parties, and civil society are not able to use and exercise reasonable power for the sake of the advanced society.
4) the connections and relationships among civil society, political institutions such as parliament and government appears to be disconnected and this disconnections are appeared on the bases of disabilities of the above mentioned organization to save their lawful existences in the society.
5) Our society has lost the abilities to make legal and reasonable foundations continuously considering national and international relations.
It shows that superficial or false understanding has spreads it shadow to every possibility of national understanding.
Therefore our society is going towards self-destruction as a dynamic process and this self-destruction as a dynamic process is the main cause of war in Afghanistan, the war, which its reasons have situated on the base of false interpretations of religious thought by armed opposition, therefore the current war has false sanctity appearance or the reasons of the current war has its origins in the intentions of evils, who try to achieve their nasty plans in the name of Islam and give to their nasty desires an Islamic color to cause war.
6) Our society is in discontinuity with its historical identities and this is the background of major differences in thoughts and practices.
Knowing and understanding the above mentioned cases, man can emphasis on self-destruction of our society and it is understandable that the dimensions of the disaster and the process of our society collapse are extensive.
We can prevent this great and extensive tragedy by necessary steps to be done without wasting time and more steps within the scope of preventing steps are also necessary to reach a peaceful and secure society in national, regional and international aspects and relations.
These preventative steps are as follows:
1)  The wholeness of our society should be set on one orderly and systematic structure and this set up can be done through political channels and law institutions and appropriate policy and effective legislation steps to guarantee the wholeness and totality of society, on the other hand, the culture of society must be rebuilt on the bases of well-known values of ethics and moral to prevent the collapse of cultural identity, while in the conditions of cultural collapse , all societies lose their wholeness and totality.
2)  Personal unity and identity of society must be built on the structures derived from sound thoughts of whole society, as a visible movement, this visible movement should be brought in noticeable agendum in the context of society to reform specially education system in connection of other reformations. If there is no personal unity and identity in the society, the society like this is called scattered society and  scattering affects badly the whole political organizations and law institutions, therefore scattered society lose its sound view in national, regional and international relations as well it is noticeable that, scattered society is under severe pressure of chose and anarchy and scattered society also has no validity in political relations in the world. On the other hand, the main problem in scattered societies is chronic, crimes and tortures are remarkable in these societies and it shows that, there is no
justice and human is not taken seriously, because swindlers, crooks as skilled charlatans play with politics as brokers in markets to change political movements towards the state of having Pleasants lives for their selves, however all circumstances and situations proof that, we will be continuously eye witness to unstable, unreal or false peace based on the struggle for survival in scattered societies like our society.
3)  A forwards movement of a society towards pleasant lives in the future is relied on human respect and dignity.
It is clear that, human respect is based on positive freedom of human being and it means rejection of negative freedom in the forms of individual and social thinking and behaviors. The positive freedom of human is the main cause of the existence of law institutions such as state. Positive freedom with negation characteristics deprives negative freedom to play its illegal role in the society, because negative freedom has aggressive characteristics, therefore it gives little chances and possibilities for comfortable and pleasant lives to others.
It is comprehensible that, moral categories and its concepts and examples are necessary for social existence and survival, because their extensions include all law institutions.
4)  Law institutions must mobilize all power of society continuously towards progress steps in the future and this is achievable. If there is economic reform, educational reform, installations of progressive technology, peaceful and secure society is end result. We know that, society has several layers named infrastructures, superstructures, minor and major consideration fundamentals. The true and real forms of society rely on above mentioned layers and these layers should be known clear and evident and every of these layers should be defined and on the base of these layers definition should be concentrated on meritocracy. If we give no attention to above facts, our society will go towards collapse and this will be great disaster for our nation. It is evidence, that layers (groups, communities, political parties, economic unions) have their basic role to form a society; therefore it is necessary to form a society like Afghanistan with different tribes, languages and sects of religion on the base of law and moral. For this achievement, the politicians should reject the sanctities of languages to pave the way for unification of culture segments in one form as well the sects of religion should play no monopolistic roles there, then it is comprehensible to have a sound society. Law institutions have to support lawful structures of layers. By reading, studying and understanding above mentioned terms, we have to pay attention to understand true and lasting peace based on truth and facts in our society, because peace and security based on truth and reality are urgent and basic requirement and necessity for the survival and lasting of societies and our society require peace more than any other time for its vital presence in the world political relations.
It is being known that, the realities of societies are based on two vital elements as follows:
A) Social and individual desires and intentions manage social and individual lives in the context of society.
B) Desires and intentions towards subjective thinking produce ethical, moral and legal significances that signify the legality of society.
It means that, desires and intentions produce continuously more concepts based on sound thinking.
This sound thinking includes scientific, ethical, and moral and legal understanding that come together compactly like similar forces and powers to make infrastructures and superstructures. The compactness of scientific, ethical, moral and legal understanding needs to discourses for the unity of different concepts and structures and these discourses can concentrate on three dimensions as follows:
a)  Scientific understanding dimension
b)  Theological understanding dimension
c)  Moral understanding dimension
There is need to explain the above mentioned dimensions as follows:
Discourse on scientific understanding dimension has basic role to prepare discourses on the other two dimensions.
This means that discourses on theological and ethical or moral dimensions scientific discourse reasonably be invoked.
For example, when there are detailed discussion on peace and war. We know that, detailed discussion need wide and broad base spectrum discussions, because peace and war have their fundamental importance in the realm of science as well as in the two other realms have highlights significant.
It is clear that, peace and war have their fundament importance in the realm of scientific discourse dimension, while they are the subjects of evolution theory, social biology and socio biology and in the realm of philosophy is very important as well. Without proper information on all aspects of peace and war, we would not be able on the high most of peace and war and also we wouldl not be able to have comprehensive concepts of these two significances.
If we ignore feedback systems in physics and physiology, we would not be able to carry out clear and correct analyses of political and social structures of our society.
In the theological discourse dimension, we need to scientific and rational reasons, that these reasons pave the ways for us to interpret the creation of the cosmos and the creativity of God and these reasons make also it possible to understand the good and bad concepts.
Discourse in ethical and moral dimension is the fundamental key to success in life to make proper laws based on acceptable and practical moral in society.
This discourse enables us to connect day to day changeable life styles with constant, universal characteristics moral to interpret continuous changes correctly and use this correct interpretation as a basic knowledge to have better constitution. Accordingly, we know that, moral is a potential, and factual sovereign power all time and in each generation, moral (past, present and future) war, is and will be in complete sovereignty that formulates systematic combination of norms in uniformity and harmonic form and  moral validate validity degree of claims, behaviors and activities according to its principles. moral makes foundations for law institutions in objective forms and a network of claims and behaviors according to moral confirming is provided as law by moral or those claims and behaviors have vague dignities are examined by moral to show their rightful and false dignities. It means that, this is a normal process to outline and to draw up laws for societies and this normal process realize positive freedom in the societies clearly.
It is also clear and evident that, our society is fragmented, isolated and non-related parts in terms of intellectual, tribal and lingual.
The presence of some power user in the realm of politics are related to the differences in terms of above mentioned differences and this situation is the main cause of war to straggle for survives continuously.
We can solve these differences to unite different fragments through discourses in the realms of science, religion, moral, law and history connected to power interaction. By above mentioned discourses it is possible to make non related parts of our society together and in united form.
These discourses connected power interaction enable us to solve our problems based on legal and political understanding with international community peacefully as well.
These discourses will save our society from external interventions regarding internal affairs and the reform of election law in different dimensions is one of important ways in this regard.
In above mentioned discourses connected power interaction the reality and characteristic of inclusion (the acceptance of a norm as law standards for the members of society according to present developments and situations), exclusion (to overthrow or abrogate a law) and removal (to take away a law) are noticeable, it means that inclusion, exclusion and removal take place by moral judgment, therefore this is a clear way to reach stable peace and security through agreements and contracts with the international community and society.
Finally we would like to mention that setup and dedication of peace dialogue is our political and legal priorities to reach a stable peace and prosperous security in Afghanistan. This peace dialogue paves the way for preferential reasons and this is a movement from the state of sufficiency of reasons towards preferential reasons.
This movement enables us to fulfill reforms in our society based on positive freedom and democracy.


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